Friday, November 25, 2011

Resveratrol and Vitamin D Team Together to Increase Metabolism and Prevent Obesity

Resveratrol has been on thenutritional radar of researchers because of its proven ability to mimic some ofthe life-extending characteristics provided by calorie restriction as seen inanimals and humans alike. Scientists publishing in the journalMolecular Nutrition and Food Researchdraw a solid link between resveratrol, vitamin D and other phytonutrients asagents that may lend a helping hand in the life-threatening battle againstoverweight and obesity.

Researchers document the newlydiscovered effect of the nature-derived nutrient on lipid metabolism, anddemonstrate that supplementation along with the sunshine vitamin and quercetinsynergistically decreases the formation of new fat cells in the body. Thisfinding is significant because it may provide a critical metabolic aid tochildren and adults that suffer the health-damaging effects of obesity everyday. Further evidence exists to hail the trio in the genesis of osteoblasts inbone marrow that may offer a new therapy for osteoporosis that affects themobility of millions of aging adults.

Resveratrol and Vitamin D Combine to Regulate Genes that Control Body Weight
Scientists studying metabolismin aging adults have found that stem cells differentiate in favor of adipocytes(fat cells) and to the exclusion of osteoblasts (cells necessary for theformation of new bone). This means that as we age, our body has evolved tostore fat as an aid to our survival. As metabolism slows, we continue to eatthe same number of calories that helps to fill the newly acquired adipocytes. Whilebuilding and maintaining bone structure may sound like a good idea to us, it isnot pre-programmed into our genetic matrix.

Development of new fat cells hasevolved as a protective mechanism, although the vast majority of older adultsreally don`t need this genetic advantage. Researchers found that supplementedresveratrol, vitaminD and quercetin work together to regulate our genes and down regulate theproduction of fat cells while boosting the production of osteoblasts. Naturallyit is important to practice caloric restriction as we age. Many aging adultswill be able to utilize this phytonutrient trio to prevent excess weight gainand the debilitating effects of osteoporosis.

Natural Nutrients Help Weight Management Efforts Along with HealthyDiet
In addition to the welldocumented anti-cancer and longevity benefits previously ascribed tosupplemented resveratrol, health-minded individuals will want to include resveratroland other phytonutrients as an aid in the fight against abdominal fataccumulation. Researchers concludedIt should be noted that combiningresveratrol with other phytochemicals may provide an extraordinary potentialfor preventing obesity and osteoporosis. These phytochemical synergies may makepossible novel safe, potent and efficacious therapies.” Be sure to include resveratrol (25to 50 mg per day) in your dietary arsenal to assist weight loss, boostmetabolism and prevent bone loss.

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