Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Olive Oil and Nuts Lower Heart Disease Risk Better Than Pharmaceuticals

More vindication for a naturalMediterranean-style diet including plenty of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) andnuts was released in an advanced study published by the prestigious journalAtherosclerosis. Early results from aSpanish study with more than 7500 participants’ demonstrates that highquantities of dietary EVOO and a variety of different species of nuts is moreeffective in managing and preventing a heart event than traditional drugtherapy.

Many physicians place theirpatients on the standard prescription of beta blockers and ACE inhibitors in adesperate effort to prevent advancing heart disease, even though repeatedstudies prove these drugs are detrimental to long-term health. Include copiousamounts of EVOO and nuts in your diet to dramatically lower heart disease riskand avoid the need for risk drugs.

Study Provides Proof of Natural Diet over Drugs in the Fight againstHeart Disease
To conduct the study, researchersplaced the participants into one of three groups following either aMediterranean style diet receiving 15 liters of EVOO over a 90 day period, a nutgroup consuming 30 grams per day of walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts or a standardlow-fat diet. Among those participants over the age of 55, the scientists foundthat carotid artery thickness was significantly reduced in the EVOO and nutgroups for individuals with already thickened arterial walls.

Researchers commented,“A modification in the entire dietpattern managed to achieve in just one year, results that pharmaceutical drugsdid not – even after two years of treatment.” Lead study author, Dr. MiguelAngel Martinez-Gonzalez was impressed that a diet concentrated on natural foodsources high in beneficial fats improved cardiovascular risk outcomes more thanPharma options. The study also found that the traditional low-fat (highcarbohydrate) diet frequently prescribed by physicians and dieticians today hasno health benefits and allows for heart disease to progress unabated.

Monounsaturated Fats From EVOO and Nuts Improve Vascular Elasticity
Most alternative healthpractitioners understand that a dramatic reduction of wheat-based carbohydratescoupled with increased monounsaturated fats and Omega-3 sources can provide forvascular elasticity to lower risk of heart disease and stroke. No drug can makethe same claim, despite billions of dollars spent to market and promoteunnecessary pharmaceutical options to millions of unsuspecting patients.

Dr. Martinez-Gonzalez concluded “We thus observed… a significant improvementand regression of lesions having taken place in those cases that had followed aMediterranean diet enriched with virgin olive oil or nuts.” After just 90days of EVOO or nut consumption, lipoprotein ratios improved enough to deliversignificant improvement in heart disease risk for both men and women followingthe diet. To lower your risk of heart disease, adopt a Mediterranean-style eatingpattern and be certain to include a healthy dose of EVOO (unheated) and unprocessednuts (not roasted, cooked or heated).

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